About Paul Sorensen

Paul Sorensen - Photographed by Harold Cazneaux. c1936

Paul Sorensen (1890 - 1983) was a landscape gardener born and trained in Denmark. He had experience working in gardens in Denmark, Germany, France and Switzerland, some of which were in large estates with extensive grounds. He arrived in Australia in 1915 and settled in the Blue Mountains in 1917. The main source of information about him is the book "Australia's Master Gardener: Paul Sorensen and his gardens" Kangaroo Press (1990) by Richard Ratcliffe.

He was celebrated for his distinctive designs and his mastery of the use of the dry stone wall technique combined with a skill in managing dramatic changes of levels in gardens. He is reported as being extremely versatile with skills in design, propagation, planting and the building and maintenance of gardens of a wide range of size and style. Paul recognised the local craftsmen as skilled practioners of the art.

Subsequent to Paul Sorensen's involvement in the mid-40s, Eric Johnstone, a local mason built several similarly styled wall terraces at The Braes which are now in excellent condition. They provide a graceful and elegant contrast to the flowers, trees and shrubs of the garden.

Front Entrance Wall

Drystone wall built in the 1940s