Conservation Management Issues

The core objectives for the management of the garden included:

  • The conservation and management of the heritage elements of the garden
  • The design and establishment of new gardens to compliment the heritage garden
  • The improvement of the water courses on the estate and the protection from pollution coming from other properties.
  • The establishment of attractive and functional curtilage with neighbouring properties including the National Park and community land
  • The appropriate remediation of all disturbed areas
  • The establishment of a good relationship with the community for better appreciation and protection of the Braes.

This program was also developed in parallel with extensive architectural planning in relation to the siting of a new principal residence on the knoll, reflective of a garden estate of comparable scale, so that in 50 or 100 years time, appropriate resources exist in relation to accommodation, irrigation, propagation, while retaining the heritage attributes and enhancing the garden environment.

The development of a garden on a complicated and extensive site like that of The Braes requires a combination of continuous maintenance and a series of major projects.